Laser World’s dedicated Tube Laser, provides precise laser cutting on tubes with a range from 12mm to 220mm and a bar weight of up to 35kg/m.

Equipped with a tilting head, it allows 3D cut processing on all sections. Its efficient loading and unloading system delivers unmatched productivity.

Tubular Laser Cutting
Tubular Laser Cutting
Adige LT8 Tube Laser Cutting
Tubular Laser Cutting
Tube Laser Cutting
Adige LT8 Tube Laser Cutting


Minimum Size Maximum Size
Round Tube 12mm Ø 220mm Ø
SHS 12mm x 12mm 200mm x 200mm
RHS 25.4mm x 12.7mm 200mm x 100mm
Oval Tubes 19mm x 12.7mm 145mm x 58mm
Equal Angle Iron 20mm x 20mm 150mm x 150mm
Unequal Angle Iron 65mm x 50mm 150mm x 100mm
PFC* 75mm x 40mm 200mm x 75mm

* Parallel Flange Channel  /  ** Minimum Bar Length: 2500mm  /  ** Maximum Bar length: 8500mm


The automatic parts nesting module, combined with a reduction of end bar scrap, helps to maximise the value of the available material.

Even complex processes are managed automatically including the cutting of different parts on the same bar.

Our tube laser cutting capabilities include: tilt head cutting, weld seam detection, tube twist and bow correction. We can create almost any cut-feature or geometry on tubes including slots, holes, and chamfers.

Our team of experts will work with you to design a program specific to your requirements.

If you would like to discuss your next tube laser cutting project please call (08) 8395 2851.

BLM’s video of the Adige LT8