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Laser Cut Metal, Tubular Laser Cutting, Flatbed Laser Cutting

Tubular Laser Cutting

Laser World can laser cut round or square tubing up from 12mm to 200mm.

Max Size Mild Steel Stainless Steel Aluminium Alloys
SHS 200 x 200mm 14mm 10mm 8mm
RHS 200 x 150mm 14mm 10mm 8mm
Angle 190 x 190mm 14mm 10mm 8mm
C Section 190 x 190mm 14mm 10mm 8mm
CHS & Pipe 220mm 14mm 10mm 8mm

Flatbed Laser Cutting

Laser World can laser cut a variety of metals from stainless steel, mild and high tensile steels to various alloys. Our state of the art high-speed laser cutting equipment can handle up to 1500 x 3000mm plates.

Mild Steel (up to 25mm) Stainless Steel (up to 16mm) Aluminium Alloys (up to 12mm)
Grade 250 304 5005
Brightform 316 5052
Blackform 316 Ti 5083
Cold rolled 321 6061
Pickled & Oiled 410

High Tensile Steel (up to 25mm) Nickel Alloys (up to 16mm)
Grade 350 Hastalloy
Boiler Plate Incolloy
Bisalloy (80,360,500)
Manganese steel
Tool steel
Chrome steel





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